NIU Move-In Day

DEKALB (WIFR) – Thousands of students are moving into college life at Northern Illinois University and there could be more students walking campus this year.

It’s an exciting move-in day for Varun Kumar who’s starting a new year at a new school. He says he transferred to Northern Illinois University because for him it’s the perfect fit.
“For the major I was looking for it was not only easy to get into but it also wasn't too big of a school where I'd feel overwhelmed,” said Kumar.

He may not be overwhelmed yet, but that could change soon. More than 3,000 students moved into the dorms which included more transfer students and freshman than last year. Some people believe that’s because NIU made national headlines after the football team made it to the Orange Bowl in December.

“I'm a part of this Midwest organization so when I tell people I go to NIU, they're like oh you guys went to the Orange Bowl. So it's really exciting to see that," said Margaret Gray.
Administrators aren’t convinced that’s the only reason they’re seeing a change in enrollment. Eric Weldy is V.P. for student affairs. He says enrollment spiked before the Orange Bowl.
“Our renovations of our residence halls, the past four years we've had like a renaissance project in regards to renovating our facilities and so it allows us to remain competitive in attracting students,” said Weldy.

Administrators say they’re confident they have more students enrolled this year because they had to add more orientation days.

They’ll know how many students are officially enrolled next week. After the first week of classes, which starts Monday.

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