UPDATE: Charges Dropped Against NIU Official

DEKALB (WIFR) -- Charges have been dropped against one of the men implicated in NIU's coffee fund investigation. Keenon Darlinger worked under NIU officials who allegedly sold scrap metal that belonged to the university.

Investigators determined he couldn't have done his job any differently, even if those funds had been going to the proper place.

DEKALB (WIFR) -- Former NIU associate vice president of the Division of Finance and Facilities, Robert Albanese has pleaded guilty in connection with a recent coffee-fund investigation.

Albanese received 18 months of court supervision for pleading guilty to violating the state property act, a misdemeanor. By pleading guilty, Albanese struck, a deal which meant several felony counts were dropped.

Nine employees were charged and accused of selling $13,000 worth of scrap material and channeling the money to a secret bank account.

They were also accused of stealing computer monitors. Most of the accused are department heads for materials management.

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