NBEA/Dist. 200 Contract Proposals Made Public

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POPLAR GROVE (WIFR) -- The North Boone Education Association continues to bargain for a contract, they've been working without a new one since July. Both the union and school district's final offers are now available for the public to view.

The final contract offers are now posted on the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board website, which was the next step after the union declared an impasse on January 30th. And now that the information is public, teachers can strike in less than two weeks if they choose.

When it comes to salary, the union wants a base increase of 1.5% and the school board is offering 3.08% to the base. However, the district is offering smaller "step" increases. A step is an automatic increase every year. The board is offering a 2% hike, while the union wants to keep the current 3%.

District 200 would also offer fewer "lanes," which is an additional increase as teachers complete higher levels of education. The union wants to keep the current system because it says teachers have made concessions of giving up tuition reimbursement.

The board is also proposing a merit system, where teachers who are rated as "needs improvement," would not receive an automatic step increase.

Both sides have agreed to lengthen teachers' days by five minutes and the board has agreed to add "just cause" language for termination only. That means if a teacher is fired for what appears to be no reason, there can be some sort of investigation. The union wants "just cause" in all circumstances.

Teachers would also pay more for health insurance. To look at each contract offer in its entirety, click on the link below. The next bargaining session is scheduled for March 5th.

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