Roundabout Construction Causing Child Safety Concerns

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – The confusion over the North Main and Auburn intersection is driving a lot more traffic into nearby neighborhoods. Now, some are worried next week’s shutdown could put children at risk.

We spoke to a woman who runs a daycare center out of her home near Cumberland and Camlin and says since construction started, traffic outside her home has made her scared to cross the street with little ones.

Kimberly Mullis fears the shutdown will only make things worse. She tells us she’s been calling the city for help making sure people driving through the intersection are obeying the posted stop signs instead of rolling right through as she claims many of them do. She says she’s had close calls with drivers in the past and as much as she wants police to show more of a presence. She says drivers need to obey the law.

“I want to see people actually take the time to stop, not be so busy in their life and not worried about where they’re going and where they’re getting to go next when they could be taking a life, just by not paying attention,” Mullis said.

Rockford Police tell us they’ve had extra patrols monitoring radars and stop signs in the area around the construction and are going to have more of a presence once Auburn and Main are completely shut down.
Rockford Police tell us they’ve spent more than 500 man hours monitoring traffic in those neighborhoods since the construction started.

Monday is the day that parts of North Main and Auburn will be shut down for the next 2 weeks or so. We’re told workers will most likely be out overnight or in the early morning. The roads will re-open September 25th and the entire roundabout project is supposed to be done in October.

ROCKFORD (WIFR) – Here’s a heads up for Rockford drivers. North Main and Auburn will be completely closed on Monday

Starting September 16th at 7 a.m. you won’t be able to drive in the areas shaded red. The closures will last until September 25th.

The limits of the closure on Auburn Street will be from Latham PL to Sheridan St., and on N. Main Street will be from Boilvin Ave/Reynolds St. to Yonge Street.

Traffic will not be able to enter this area during the closure. A detour will be posted

We’re told crews will be working overnight and early in the morning so you may not see them.

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