Murder Victim's Parents Call for More Ambulances in Rockford

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- The father of 21-year-old Andrew Barth, the man gunned down on Memorial Day, says he knows he'll never find out for certain if his son could have been saved at the ER. However, he’s taking action to try and prevent other families from facing a similar tragedy.

Tim Barth and his wife Rhonda are heartbroken over the loss of his son Andrew. The 21-year-old was shot and killed on Pearl Street on Memorial Day. The couple is taking their pain and frustration to Rockford aldermen and asking for three more ambulances on city streets. The Rockford Fire Department is looking into why they say a private ambulance from OSF took 26 minutes to get to Pearl Street after being called to the scene. The fire department says, all seven of the city's ambulances had been tied up with other calls.

"The city itself needs to back up our firemen, give them what they need, the tools they need” says Tim Barth.

He’s also frustrated with what he calls a revolving door in the city that is letting violent offenders get off too easy.

"They get arrested, police officers do their job, they take them in from the district attorney, the Distinct Attorney puts them right back on the street, well guess what happens someone is going to end up dead, my son did," says Barth.

He adds, he doesn’t want to just complain about the city’s problems but wants to take an active role in fixing the policies and circumstances that are causing the crime in Rockford.

Meanwhile, the fire department is still collecting information on the ambulance mix up and a report should be out in a week.

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