Murder Victim's Family Speaks Out on Recent Beloit Shooting

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The recent Beloit murder has neighbors calling for action in hopes of cleaning up their violent streets. Now the community is stepping in to help a grieving family.

The family of Jose Carruthers-Paramo describes him as a charismatic, strong, young man, who'd do anything for his loved ones. That's why relatives they say it's hard for them to mourn his loss.

"That's when reality will set in because he's gone, he's not coming back. And I really want the young people and the community to just take care of each other," said Reggie Embry, Jose's uncle.

Reggie Embry says he truly misses his nephew Jose, saying the family is trying to stay strong together. The 16-year-old was gunned down at summit park Saturday.

Three other teens were shot, one still fighting for his life. Several neighbors, teenagers, and parents met at a rally Tuesday night. In hopes of showing support for Jose's family and showing teens in the area that there's more to life than violence.

"I really hope that this is a wake up call to the young people because when you're young you have this tendency to think you're invincible. So that's, I really hope the community comes together," said Embry.

"Encourage our young people that they can change and that they are not a lost cause and that we are for them and for whatever reason we didn't connect before i think it's never too late to start," said Pastor Navana Winston.

Pastor Winston plans to make this rally a weekly event as a safe haven for kids. So teens can also to express their feelings and meet with possible mentors.

The funeral for Jose will be held Friday.

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