Municipalities Continue Mowing

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – The drought may have saved many of us money when it comes to taking care of our lawn, but the city and county are not as lucky. Despite the drought, municipalities have mowed right along.

"We have many properties throughout the city that we need to maintain. We have done a lot better this season in regards to do to the mowing but the problem that we have is weeds that are going up," said Tim Hanson Rockford Public Works Director.

While many of us were able to leave the mower in the garage for most of the season. Local municipalities haven't been sharing the same experience.

"Even if the grass isn't growing the weeds are so we have to be out there keeping those weeds down and mowing on a regular basis so we haven't seen a whole lot of savings there," said Joe Vanderwerff, Winnebago County Engineer .

But even though the summer didn't provide the same savings we saw with our yards, the county still looks to end the year in the green.

"The winter has definitely saved us at least two hundred thousand dollars on our last budget cycle."

"We plan for the worst and hope for the best and last year we did plan for the worst and we had a better than average season and we are able to save money."

Thanks to less snow last winter season both the city of Rockford and the county are still sitting with an abundance of salt which are expected to lower some of their costs for the winter ahead.

"For this year we are in very good shape for our snow budget and we have plenty of salt and I think going into 2013 we won't have to purchase as much salt."

Both the county and city report the dry weather has helped save money, since they're doing fewer road repairs.

Meantime, the city of Rockford has been able to reassign more employees to forestry tasks like pruning, which they haven't had time to keep up with over the last few years.

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