Move-on and Tea Party Square-off in Protest at Manzullo's Office

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Congressman Don Manzullo's Office became the breeding grounds for a show down during a protest between the 99 percent and the Tea Party--both sides feel the government is suffering from an inability to represent the people.

Jude Wrzesinski from said, “We don't have enough access to him. He doesn't listen to us enough and he doesn't work for us enough."

Jude Harmon from the Tea Party said, "We just came out to support the congressman and the philosophy he represents."

Each group may have a different view on congressman manzullo.. but there's no arguement both parties point to the government for lack of growth in our country.

Wrzesinski "Move-on is an organization that speaks up for the 99 percent of people in this country who feel like we don't have enough influence in our government. What’s supposed to be our government."

While protests against tax breaks for the wealthy not being heard by the government the Tea Party is protesting the government as a whole.

Harmon said, "We don't agree with any part of the government needs to do it. The government has no job except to provide personal and property security. Beyond that the government simply doesn't have a role."

Move-on feels elected officials are forgetting about the small businesses because they don't contribute enough to political campaigns, but the Tea Party takes aim at Move-on's idea that our nations problems will heal with the right government action.

Harmon said "They want the government to tell you everything. They don't want to do much work. They just want to retire early and draw a great big check and have somebody else pay for their healthcare. It's not going to work. We're going to be like Greece if we keep following their prescription."

They originally set up the protest to give hand written letters to Congressman Manzullo asking him to start standing up for the 99-percent and demanding the end of tax breaks for millionaires. He wasn't there though: he's in Washington since congress is in session.

Note that many members of are also members of Occupy Rockford.

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