Motorcyclist Remembered 1 Year After Fatal Crash

ROCHELLE (WIFR) -- A motorcyclist left to die on the side of a busy Stateline highway one year ago is being remembered.

Thursday evening family and friends of Caleb Holder held a vigil at the spot where he lost his life on Route 251 and Lakeview Drive in Rochelle.

Last summer the 21-year-old just proposed to his girlfriend the day before he was killed in a hit and run crash.

One year later Caleb's mother Ronda Holder says the pain hasn't gotten any easier and she couldn't do it without the support of the community.

"I just want to thank everybody for being here being with us caring so much and for loving my son like they did because he was a great guy and will live on for ever," Holder said.

The Ogle County State's Attorney has charged Erik Steffins, 42, with aggravated reckless driving in connection to Caleb's death.