Motorcycle Dog May Have Saved Owner's Life

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- We see motorcycles on the road often during the summer but a dog on a motorcycle is unusual. One local dog who prefers to ride, may have saved his owner's life on a motorcycle.

Sammy is a three-year-old Shih-Poo that may not always listen to vocal commands. But once his owner's Harley engine revs, Sammy comes running.

"One day after washing the bike and I was ready to go, I started it up and (Sammy) started rolling in the wind of the exhaust pipes and the more I accelerated, the more he got excited," said owner Rodney Shaw.

Shaw tethers Sammy to his neck on one end and a harness on the other, so the pup can ride too. Shaw says Sammy even saved his life on the motorcycle this summer.

"All of a sudden I just heard an explosion and felt the back of the bike go up. The next thing I know, I was laying back on the bike with Sam jumping around on my chest, that's what brought be back to, I had been knocked unconscious," says Shaw.

Sammy woke up Shaw who was able to avoid crashing into a curb; Shaw says he had been hit by a drunk driver.

Shaw says, "Sammy's my hero."

And he may have a chance to be a hero for other people. Sammy is now training to be a therapy dog to eventually visit sick children in the hospital. Shaw would also like to see Sammy work as a Epilepsy service dog. Shaw says both he and Sammy suffer from Epileptic seizures sometimes.

"Just to make the children laugh, he's a comedian, it's pretty fun to watch him walk and do his activities," explains Shaw.

Until then, the 8 pound-pooch will continue to ride into the wind.

Shaw got Sammy from Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary two years ago. He says he'd like to help raise money for the shelter by giving people envelopes "from Sammy" to send donations to the shelter when they ask about Sammy on the motorcycle.

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