Motorcycle Deaths Increase 13 Percent in Two Years

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- The road can be a dangerous place, especially for motorcyclists and we've seen that first hand. Just in the last month two motorcyclists were killed in Rockford.

In just two years Illinois State Police say the number of motorcycle deaths has spiked 13 percent and the scary thing, troopers can't pinpoint one specific reason for the trend.

Illinois State Police say in 2010 there were 131 deadly motorcycle accidents. In 2012 that number rose to 148. Troopers say that number is concerning because overall the number of motorcycle accidents dropped. David Hietpas has been riding motorcycles for 30 years. He says he worries more about distracted drivers on the road than he does motorcyclists.

"Right now it's with the people who are in such a hurry and they're not paying attention. They're on their cell phones, they're chit-chatting with their driver or with their passenger and the people in the back and they're reading newspapers and stuff like this. They're just not paying attention," he said.

Illinois is one of three states that doesn't have a helmet law. Hietpas wouldn't support a helmet law. He says in most deadly accidents a helmet wouldn't save the motorcyclists life.

State police say the number of motorcycles on the road is also going up. There are 57-percent more on Illinois roads now compared to 10 years ago.

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