Motion to Dismiss State Charges Against Rita Crundwell

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DIXON (WIFR) -- It has been nearly a week since Rita Crundwell was sentenced to nearly 20 years in prison on one federal charge, but there are still 60 state charges that are up in the air.

Lee County public defender Bob Thompson, who is representing Crundwell, just filed a motion about two hours ago to dismiss state charges.

Crundwell pleaded not guilty in Lee County court back in October to stealing more than $11 million dollars over a two-year period. However, Thompson wants to get the charges dropped because the case could be considered double jeopardy.
That's because the ex-Dixon comptroller has already been sentenced on the federal level, which encompasses this same crime. The law says you can't be prosecuted for the same crime twice.

We should learn more at the next hearing, which is scheduled for March 4th. If these charges do go forward and if Crundwell is convicted, that sentence would run concurrent to her federal sentence.
The point of these charges is to make sure Crundwell spend more time in prison. Each of the 60 counts comes with a minimum six-year sentence, so if convicted, that would mean life in prison. As it stands now under the federal sentencing, Crundwell will get out when she is about 80 years old.

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