Mother Reacts to Potential Mabley Closure

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- We're learning more about the local families affected by Governor Quinn's proposal to shut down seven mental health facility, two of which are in the stateline.

"My mind is going, what am I going to do?"

Barb Cozzone-Achino says Illinois Governor's Pat Quinn’s signature could literally sign her child's life away.

“If Michael has to move to another home, he will beat himself to death, he will kill himself.”

The Cherry Valley mother has two developmentally disabled sons living in Dixon’s Mabley Center. It’s one of seven facilities that may close under Governor Quinn’s latest money saving proposal..

Cozzone's sons--Bob and Michael are both adults who function mentally as children. The two spent a large portion of their lives in and out of homes until moving to Mabley more than a decade ago.

" For anyone wanting to close us down, it is insensitive.” She said

Cozzone says her sons do not adapt well to change; in fact, Michael who's now 39, beat himself blind after his living arrangements altered several years ago. Her other son- 42 year old Bob, is in Rockford for a temporary visit, a small trip Cozzone says can hamper his mental well-being.

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