MotherHouse Crisis Nursery Project Funded by Schneider Electric Buildings

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- “Children’s Home + Aid’s MotherHouse Crisis Nursery has been awarded a grant in the amount of $5,000 by the Schneider Electric Buildings, LLC Charitable Fund of the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois,” Judith Loudin said today.

According to Judith, funds received from the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois Schneider Electric Fund will be used to purchase a seven cubic deep freezer, frozen meats and vegetables for MotherHouse Crisis Nursery's "Healthy Kids, Happy Tummies" project. These supplies will be distributed throughout Fiscal Year 2013 to provide healthy foods to vulnerable families in the Rockford community who can not afford these items on their own.

The majority of low-income parents who receive child care and crisis services from MotherHouse must often use their limited financial resources to pay for transportation to the Nursery, which greatly limits their ability to purchase healthy foods for their families. In addition to meats and vegetables, households will receive recipes that provide them with step-by-step guidance on how to prepare nutritional meals on a small budget. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will also be served to children during their stay at the Nursery.

“Our agency has received several awards over the past years,” Judith said. “ Most recently, Children’s Home + Aid’s Northern Region, received the “Champion of Youth Award” at the Blackhawk Area Council of Boy Scouts of America’s Distinguished Citizens Luncheon. The MotherHouse Crisis Nursery was one of the programs specifically recognized at the awards.”

Ms. Loudin continues, “The grant from the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois will give us additional resources to meet the needs of more children and families in crisis, helping to ensure they have the opportunity to eat more healthy foods no matter what their situation might be.”

Keeping children safe from harm’s way is the goal of MotherHouse Crisis Nursery, a program of Children’s Home + Aid.

When a family is in crisis due to unemployment, a medical emergency, homelessness, fire, flood, or being faced with everyday stressors they can no longer handle, MotherHouse Crisis Nursery provides free respite care, food, and resources for the family.

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