UPDATE: 2 Stateline Moms Arrested for Leaving Kids in Cold Car

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Another case of child endangerment at a local WalMart, after police say a Rockford mother is taken to jail for leaving her kids in a turned off car for nearly an hour.

This is the second reported case in the Stateline in less than 24 hours. The latest one happened around 7:30 p.m. at WalMart on West Riverside, when it was nearly three below zero.

Police say Sharnice Logwood, 24, left her six-month-old and four-year-old kids in a car for almost an hour. And Police tell us this happens a lot more often than we think.

Police say Codi Davis, 23, left her 18-month-old and five-year-old in her car Monday night while she went inside the Beloit WalMart. An officer patrolling the parking lot was alerted of the incident by a shopper. Police say Davis was inside WalMart for about ten minutes, with an outside temperature of 12 below zero.

Thankfully both kids are okay they were initially turned over to the Beloit Fire Department Paramedics but then released to a family member. Davis will be in court next month.

As for the Rockford case, no word on a court date for Longwood. But police say her kids are also safe.

BELOIT (WIFR) – It’s a story that will make most parents cringe. A Beloit mother allegedly left her two young children in a car that wasn’t running while she goes shopping.

When there’s sub-zero temperatures and even colder wind-chills, the last place we want to be is outside. However, two Beloit children didn’t have a choice Monday night. Police say 23-year-old Codi Davis left her 18-month-old and five-year-old in her car while she went into eh Beloit Walmart for about 10 minutes.

An officer was out on patrol in the parking lot of the Walmart., he was flagged down by an unidentified citizen who told him there was a vehicle parked, not running, that had a couple kids in it,” said Captain Dan Risse, with Beloit Police.
The temperature at the time was -12 with a windchill of -34.

To show you how quickly the temperature can drop inside a car, we did our own experiment. We heated the interior of a car to about 64 degrees and turned it off for 10 minutes. The temperature outside was -4. After 10 minutes, the temperature inside the car had dropped about 6 degrees. However, the sun was shining when we conducted our experiment, which wasn’t the case on Monday night, which means the temperature drop could’ve been more severe.

Carleen Freesmeier, a physician’s assistant at SwedishAmerican Hospital says being in an unheated vehicle in this cold can be deadly.

“Young children aren’t able to produce heat as much as an adult and it can be literally just a matter of minutes before they become hypothermic. Their body temperature decreases, it can affect their organ function, and even be life threatening,” said Freesmeier.

A life-threatening situation the two kids were lucky to survive.

“I think all of us that have kids, whether it’s this incident or any incident involving children can’t help but look at it slightly different,” said Captain Risse.

The kids were locked inside the vehicle. The mom came out of Walmart and saw police at her car. The kids were initially turned over the Beloit Fire Department paramedics. They are okay. Child Protective Services released them to a family member.

The mother, Codi Davis, faces two misdemeanor counts of child neglect. She has been released from jail. She will be in court next month.

UPDATE (AP) -- Beloit police arrested a mother after two young children were found alone in a cold vehicle in a Wal-Mart parking lot.

Authorities say the children, ages 18 months and 5 years, are OK and were left for about 10 minutes Monday night when the temperature was minus 12. Police say a citizen flagged an officer down in the parking lot about 7:30 p.m. to report the unattended children. As the officer investigated, the mother walked up to the Subaru.

The officer removed the children, who were checked by paramedics. Child Protective Services released the children to a family member. The 23-year-old Beloit mother was arrested on possible misdemeanor charges of child neglect and later released.

BELOIT (WIFR) -- A mother was arrested after police found two young children alone in a cold car in a Wal-Mart parking lot yesterday.

We're told a citizen flagged down an officer in the parking lot saying that a vehicle was parked, not running, with two small children in it. The temperatures at the time were well below zero. The officer was speaking with children when the mother, 23-year-old Codi Davis of Beloit walked up. Police say the children had been left in the car for 10 minutes.

We're told the children, ages 18 months and 5 years, were evaluated and found to be okay.

Davis was arrested for 2 misdemeanor counts of Child Neglect and transported to the Beloit Police Department, processed, and released with a court date.

Child Protective Services authorized the release of the children to a family member.

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