More Women Facing Serious Charges in Jail

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WINNEBAGO COUNTY (WIFR) – The jail population in Winnebago County has dropped since last year, but sheriff’s deputies say now there’s more women locked up and that many of these women are charged with more serious crimes.

Murder and domestic battery are just some charges Winnebago County Sheriff Dick Meyers says more women are facing.

He says there’s 130 women in jail right now and more than 90 of them are locked up for felonies. Meyers says this is the most women he’s seen in jail in a while and says usually women were arrested for things like shoplifting or prostitution and charged with more misdemeanors.

“Not only are we running more females than we typically do, we’re seeing the charges that those females are in jail on reaching a new level of seriousness and severity,” Sheriff Meyers says.

Sheriff Meyers says if more women continue to get arrested, the jail may have to open up another area for those inmates to prevent overcrowding.

Sheriff Meyers says there’s space available to open another section for the women, but if that happens they’d also have to hire more deputies since they’re already short staffed.

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