More Signs Proposed for North Main and Auburn Roundabout

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- The roundabout at Main and Auburn Streets has been the site of several fender benders since it debuted three months ago, prompting the city to look for solutions to cut down on the crashes.

Police say there were 6 crashes at the roundabout in December, and about a dozen since the intersection opened for 2 lanes of traffic in late October. Before the traffic circle was installed, the intersection only had a couple of accidents a month. The city is considering putting up more signs to help drivers navigate the roundabout in order to reduce the number of accidents. One nearby business owner says he and his customers have witnessed more crashes at the intersection since the roundabout opened, but he's skeptical that more signs will fix the problem.

“There’s plenty of signs that indicate this is a roundabout, you need to yield. I think by putting up more signs all you're doing is you’re congesting it, you’re making it worse than you're making it better,” says Alberto Altamore, owner of Altamore’s Ristorante. “Once people get more and more used to it, they'll get more comfortable and I think that will reduce the amount of accidents."

For a video on how to travel through a roundabout, click on the attached link.

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