More Insurance Coverage for Millennials

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STATELINE (WIFR) – A major change affects dozens of people who can now stay under their parents’ health insurance, longer.

Ariana Sanders says she’s focusing more on her classes at Rockford University than choosing a health insurance plan.
“Yeah, I’m 20 and I’m low-key on my way to adulthood, but that’s something my parents have always taken care for me, so that’s something I never had to worry about.”

That’s the mindset of dozens of other students, since under the Affordable Care Act, they’re covered with their parent’s health insurance until they turn 26 years old.

“They’ve given me talks about when I was like 20, 19 they were like, hey you know you’re not going to have insurance with us forever, right? I’m like, what? I haven’t been concerned yet. I’m only 22.”

However experts say millennials shouldn’t wait too long to start looking for coverage.

“Many of the millennials and younger people think that they’re invincible and we know from first-hand experience on a percentage basis, you’re not invincible so it pays to think ahead,” said Dr. Michael Perry, President/CEO of Freeport Memorial Hospital.

In fact, doctors say many young people could actually benefit from Obamacare. Experts say even after 26, they could qualify for Medicaid if they can’t afford their own insurance.

Dr. Perry says it’s cheaper for younger people to stay on their parent’s insurance even if it’s a family plan. However, he says if you’re under 26, you should also consider what coverage your job may offer.

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