More Frustration Among Daycare Providers

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STATELINE (WIFR) – Local home daycare providers are fed up with the State’s payment system. Many of them still haven’t been paid for the month of January and that’s not the only problem. 23 News Reporter Shannon Smith explains how they’re losing even more money.

“You want to take any child who fits in your program, you want to teach them, help them grow, they’re like family.”

Nichole Pinkston says she’s hesitant to take any more state funded kids into her home daycare in Forreston.

“All you can think of is I don’t want this family because I’m never going to get paid and you shouldn’t have to look at children that way.”

Daycare providers haven’t been paid due to technical glitches in the state’s computer system.

Pinkston says she’s even more frustrated that a monthly fee for the childcare providers union is automatically taken out of her state check. Even though she’s not a member.

“Last year I paid them almost $900 to be a non-union member.”

A rep from the union says they fight on behalf of local providers or pay raises, better wages, and health insurance, yet many daycare owners say they already have their own health coverage.

“Ultimately, I’d like to see the union stop charging us if we’re not going to be a part of them. I don’t want to pay for something that no one’s doing anything for.”

A union rep says a percentage of a provider’s paycheck is deducted in order to pay for the union’s services, including things like insurance. He says providers are part of this union through the state.

Rockford’s YWCA childcare director says the state’s new computer management system is working better than last month. However, there is still 10-14 day payment delay due to the back up on paperwork.

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