More Bugs Expected This Summer


ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- The official start of summer is inching closer and we are all happy to say goodbye to the cold weather. With rising temperatures comes a few pests we won't be too excited to say hello to

According to local pest control expert Matt Morgan, Pearson Pest Control, we should expect to see a rise in mosquitoes, termites and ants.

Morgan says that the increase can be attributed to the predicted heat and rain. As opposed to last summer where the moisture was not a factor.

Morgan says there's always something we can do to prevent them from getting into our houses.

"Remove mulch from the sides of the home. It's harbor-age, wood piles, things that are set by the sides of the home, the foundations of the home that allow ants and other insects to create a home again referring to that harbor-age they like to use where there's moisture. Again, they love that heat and that moisture that's under that mulch area," Morgan said.

Pearson says they have already seen a high number of calls for ants and they say bees should also be out in full force in the late summer months.

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