Minimum Wage To Be On November Ballot

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Every vote counts. We hear it every year around election season... And come this November that vote could lead to a big increase in Illinois' minimum wage.

"Being able to give someone an extra increase with minimum wage yea that would be something i would definitely support."

Mike Hallgren says he wouldn't mind paying his employees $10 an hour. As a manager at The District in Rockford, Hallgren says increasing minimum wage could help some people struggling to support their families.

"It would allow them to be able to afford the things they want at home, be able to afford for their families."

Right now, the state's base pay is $8.25 an hour, but Governor Pat Quinn hopes to change that to $10.00. We'll be able to weigh in on the issue in November.

Governor Quinn just signed a bill asking voters their opinion.

"I can't say I'd love to see it go up because it hurts us as business owners."

Ezio Marino manages Pino's on Main Street. He says higher wages could mean fewer hours for employees and more expensive food for customers.

"I think it'll be challenging in the fact that our costs our already high, our food costs and things like that and if minimum wage goes up it might make it harder to operate," said Marino.

Both Marino and Hallgren say at least now they can make their voices heard on the proposed increase when they cast their ballots this fall.

The question appearing on the ballot isn't binding but Democrats think it will give them the extra push they need to get it passed through the legislature.

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