Military Sexual Assault Scandal

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) - - Considered one of the worst sexual misconduct scandals to rock the military since the late 90',. an investigation is underway at four Air Force bases.

A local retired general says members of the US Air Force must uphold their mission to act and serve professionally and honorably.
Yet, dozen of instructors are accused of sexually assaulting female recruits. One instructor is accused of raping or sexually assaulting at least ten recruits, and is facing court-martial. A total of 35 instructors have been fired over the scandal.

Local retired General John Borling says any time something happens within the military it is rightfully magnified. "I've been retired for a number of years, but it hurts the heart and soul of the integrity of military service is besmirched is made to be less than perfect by some bad actors in the system" Borling.

Victims of military sexual assault are planning to lobby members of congress in order to support the Stop Act. Enforcing the act would take probes of military sexual assault away from commanders and put them in the hands of a separate military unit. .

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