Military Couple Reunited with Son

SYCAMORE (WIFR) -- A happy homecoming for a Stateline military family and tonight they are getting to hold their little boy for the first time in half a year

Adam and Nikki Burton just returned from being deployed to South West Asia. Adam grew up in Sycamore and while the couple was serving our country they left one-year-old Liam with his grandparents.

The Burton's have been gone for around 160 days and they say its shocking how much their son has grown.

"There's a lot of things that he does now that he wasn't even close to doing before. Holding a bottle, he could barely hold a bottle by himself," Adam said.

"He has twice as many teeth and crawling up things and hes saying stuff and he recognizes stuff and hes doing some stuff on his own that he didn't know how to before," Nikki said.

The Burton's are stationed in California and they say they are happy to be home with their son.

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