Midwest Hair Academy Damaged in Monday's Loves Park Mall Blaze

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- The Dollar General wasn't the only business to go up in flames. Next door the Midwest Hair Academy also suffered a total loss to their business.

Midwest Hair Academy owner Tony Schiro says on Mondays the business is closed so when the fire struck no one was there. 23 News met with Schiro this morning and he says the loss still hasn't hit him yet.

What took Midwest Hair Academy Owner Tony Schiro 17-years to build was destroyed in a matter of hours. This morning Schiro was allowed into his business for the first time.

He said, "We've got quite a bit of water damage. And the ceiling, there's holes in the roof that they came through. Debris all over the place, and heavy smoke damage."

Schiro's nephew was at the library across the street when the fire started. Schiro's nephew called him saying his business was up in flames.

Schiro said, "Yeah, it's really emotional you know to come in and see everything devastated.”

When he arrived he says he couldn't believe what he saw this is what's left of his front door after a fireman busted in with an ax to put out the blaze.

Schiro said, "It was already engulfed in flames, there was nothing I could do. I had to stand back behind the line there."

Schiro says he's looking at empty locations for a temporary spot to keep his students on track, but academy students worry more about Schiro and joined him today for emotional support.

Surveyors were in the store around noon today and they say it's going to be a while before Schiro could move back into the building because of the intense smell left over from yesterday's fire.

Both the Dollar General and Midwest Hair Academy did not have fire alarms or sprinklers installed.

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