UPDATE: Strict Deadline for Midway Owner

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UPDATE: ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- The City of Rockford has set stricter deadlines for the owner of the Midway Theater to make repairs. If he doesn't meet these new dates, he can be fined $70,000. The city will meet with Midway property owner Peter Crane on a month to month basis to make sure he's on track to completely fixing the hole in the building's roof. Crane has until October 1st to make all of the repairs or he'll have to pay up.

"They're monthly. Every 30 days he's going to have to provide documentation that he's moving along and meeting conditions that we've outlined. We'll be doing monthly inspections, and will be back before the hearing officer every thirty days. If at any given time he fails to meet those deadlines, we'll be proceeding to a hearing,” said City Attorney Jennifer Cacciapaglia.

The first of these progress meetings is scheduled for February 27.

ROCKFORD (WIFR) --The City of Rockford is giving the owner of the Midway Theater more time to make fixes to the building after part of the roof collapsed in March. Although the new agreement, has stricter terms.

Property owner Peter Crane missed his December first deadline to repair the roof, but the city is deciding to give him some leeway.

Driving by the Midway Theater you may marvel at it its unique architecture. But then you see a gaping hole in its roof.

The City wants that hole to be filled.

"Because the Midway's a very important building to the city," said city attorney Jennifer Cacciapaglia. "It's a gateway into downtown, it has great historical significance, and it's one of the structures in the city that we really want preserved."

The City was set to demand $45,000 from Crane if he wasn't taking the necessary steps to fix the damage, and ensure the area around the building is safe.

But in a hearing today, the city decided to give Crane some more time.

"I think there may have been a little more progress that was done on the building than the city may have been aware of," said Crane's attorney Jim Hursh. "And they were gracious enough to consider that and offer an extension."

Some of that progress was cleaning up debris, rebuilding part of the roof, and securing funds for the rest of the repairs.

Crane's attorney says he expects to have all the work on the roof finished by October.

The city will be meeting again with Crane on February 1. At that time they will knock out more definitive deadlines, with penalties as much as $90,000 dollars.

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