Meridian School District Thanking Community Members Involved with Cardinal Pride Day

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STILLMAN VALLEY (WIFR) -- The District Leadership Team from Meridian CUSD 223 would like to thank everyone involved with their first Cardinal Pride Day. See their thank-you letter below.

Meridian CUSD 223 would like to express its deepest gratitude to the students, staff, and community that participated in our inaugural Cardinal Pride Day. There were over 162 participants that sacrificed their time and effort in helping the district complete important projects for the start of the school year. Some of the projects included: weeding and mulching of flower beds; painting of hallways, public areas, and exterior facilities; general clean-up and maintenance; and removal of over 6400 lbs. of scrap metal. We are very fortunate to have a community that cares how their buildings look and function as we continue to provide a first-class education and environment for our students. Meridian CUSD 223 also had local businesses donate supplies, volunteers, and equipment to complete these tasks. Thank you to Lowes Distribution Center, Valley Land Services, Behmer Seed, Byron True Value and our own Boosters who donated lunch. Thank you again and Go Cardinals!!
District Leadership Team

Volunteers for Cardinal Pride Day:
Emily Fleming, Mark Stokes,Alex Ballard, Samantha Condon, Gary Reisinger Jr. Tyler Reisinger, Ben Brauns, Mathieu Morrison, Pierre Knarr, Parker Madeen, Marsha Welden, Dylan Boyd, Adam, Wenberg, Noah Wenberg, Sydney Overton, Diane Koenig, Jennifer Mickle, Liam Mickle, Will Farbo, Jim Miller, Jessica Szarkowicz, Kenzie Flynn, Mikayla Szthiewicz, Cheri Schabacker, Amanda Schabacker, Kaitlyn Fitzsimmons, Emily Birch, Morgan Gile, Curt Freeberg, Tina Garnhart, Fallan Warnken, Jennifer Files, Lauren Schabacker, Samantha Ballard, Ashley Adams, Samantha Cicogna, Jordan Rankin, Alex Rankin, Paula Nanni, Jada Nanni, Emily Ludens, Hanna Wallin, Elena Schamper, Erin McMaster, Ethan Taylor, Harrison Miller, Tyler Schlaf, Austin Lamer, Noah Kutz, Nick Schabacker, Jason Keast, Quinn St. Clair, Micah Castronuc, Pat Rhodes, Connor Lewin, Connor Engelkes, Kane Vanbriesen, Nolan McNames, Lucas Dobson, Micah Ludin, Austin Atchison, Bryce Holt, Drake Jennings, Beth Crumpacker, Crystal Crumpacker, Aimee Stewart, Stacy Johnstone, Nathan, Lones, Cindy Gildea, Carola Behr, Camryn Lauer, Barb Patzner, Beth Lauer, Rachel Sienert, Lillian Garncarz, Ella Garncarz, Elizabeth Garncarz, Sharon Pannarale, Chase Miller, Nick Pannarale, Joey Pannarale, Sam Garnhart, Jacob Borgen, Andrew Wilhite, Scott Wilhite, Bennan Showers, Zachary Eastman, Bradley Acton, Deb Castle, Maria Valentino, Jenni Hassler, Lauren Hagar, Sharon Alderks, Danna Flynn, Conner Flynn, Nick Hartman, Bill Pulasky, Kim Tomlitz, Jacob Tomlitz, Allie Tomlitz, Diane Bruch, Paige Adams, Grant Willow, Tim Hess, Kerry Hughes, Seth Van Briesen, Chad M. Hayden McCammond, Jake Schabacker, Logan Byers, Orion Peterson, Kristi Gile, Beth Kleinschmidt, Colby Kleinschmidt, Cole Kleinschmidt, Mason Tomash, Dalton Engullas, Dallas Reyes, Dominic Reyes, Ken Lamer, Shawn Ross, Shannon Ross, Nathan Ross, Carly Koenig, Diane Koenig, Justin Long, Molly Herbig, Ethan Roberts, Brayton Hillhouse, Peyton Lundens, Dawson Rudis, Kim Hiort, Austin Richards, Clay Smith, Matthew Mandzen, Jack Hubble, Danny Roos, Kilton Raumann, Ron Pifkin, Jacob Farbo, Nany Mercaitis, Jenna Mercaitis, Rylee Mercaitis, Toby Behmer, Deb Holland, Griffin Smits, Emily Medford, Alayna Snyder, Tania VanBriesen, Becca Brown, Marcus Bower, Nickolous Castrano, Kaleigh Oleson, Eric Swenson, Audra Swenson, Madison Swenson, Nolan Swenson, Kennedy Swenson, Rebecca Aliyah, Sheyanwa Aliyah, Dan Boyd, Kayla Boyd, Allison Boyd, Abby Ganog, Ann Ganog and Emma Wise.

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