Meridian School District Superintendent Search, Budget Talks Continue

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STILLMAN VALLEY (WIFR) -- The Meridian School board in Stillman Valley has their hands full. They must not only fix a $2 million deficit, but find a new district leader.

The school board met Wednesday night to discuss finding a replacement for Superintendent Dr. Robert Morelan. He stepped down last week. We're told there is no one in the Meridian District right now who is qualified to be a superintendent. High School Principal Mike Mandzen is filling in for now.

School Board President Bruce Larson say the board is also trying to find ways to save money without cutting extra curricular activities.

"We do have enough in cash reserves to weather the storm for a short period. We're going to take every step we can to to preserve all of our programs. As an example, if we have to cut the number of assistant coaches in a sport as opposed to cutting the sport entirely," Larson said.

Assistant Superintendent Tom Gaudreau also resigned. The board won't say why the pair left. On a side note a former district employee filed a federal discrimination lawsuit against the district and Morelan.

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