McCullough to be Sentenced Monday for Murder of Maria Ridulph

DEKALB COUNTY (WIFR) -- A Seattle man recently convicted of murdering Sycamore girl in 1957 is expected to learn his fate Monday.

Jack Daniel McCullough, 73, was found guilty in September of kidnapping and killing seven-year-old Maria Ridulph nearly six decades ago. The case reopened after 55 years after McCullough’s dying mother confessed that he was guilty. McCulllough’s half-sister called investigators with her mother's confession last year. He was brought from Seattle where he was living at the time to face murder charges. McCullough was 17 at the time of the Ridulph’s death. He lived down the street from the family. Another inmate testified that McCullough told him he was giving the girl a piggyback ride and she started screaming so he smothered her to try to make her stop.

McCullough’s sentence will be released Monday. The DeKalb County State’s Attorney says McCullough has the option of being sentenced under current laws or the laws from 1957.

Ridulph’s brother Charles Ridulph says he hoped his sister’s case will give hope to other families waiting for older murder cases to be solved. The Ridulph family plans to release a statement Monday following the verdict.

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