Mayor Morrissey Meets with Department of Corrections After Broadway St. Robberies

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- A rash of robberies on Broadway Street in March put people in the neighborhood on high alert, but now the city is taking steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

"It’s gone from a decent okay neighborhood to a garbage can neighborhood," Bobby Dahlberg, owner of Bobby’s on Broadway, said.

Dahlberg has owned the music store for more than 10 years and says the neighborhood is in bad shape.

“It’s not good. We’ve got people squatting and urinating all over the sidewalks, alleys, I see it every day,” he said.

Dahlberg knows there's a lot of crime in the area. He says just a few weeks ago someone pulled a gun in his store. That comes after three robberies at Broadway Street businesses in March. Since then, police stepped up patrols in the area and some say that extra presence helps.

"Naturally they don't want to do anything in front of the police officers so yeah it helps," Neighborhood Watch Group President Boyd Glovier, said.

Rockford Mayor Larry Morrissey is also getting in on the fight against crime. The two men charged in the March robberies were out on parole from Peoria and Chicago. Last Thursday Morrissey met with officials from the Department of Corrections to find out what the city can do to keep parolees from reoffending.

"What we accomplished at the meeting last week was an agreement and a commitment from the state to participate with us trying to connect our multiple diverse systems what some might call the carrot and stick of jail reentry," Mayor Morrissey, said.

Glovier says its encouraging hearing the police and city are taking steps to combat the issues facing his neighborhood.

"We've accomplished a lot in this community, but Lord knows there’s a lot more that needs to be done," he said.

Mayor Morrissey says he'll tell us more about his meeting with the DOC in the next few weeks.

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