Mayor Morrissey Discussing Implementation on Rockford Transportation Projects

ROCKFORD – Mayor Morrissey met Tuesday of this week with IDOT Secretary of Transportation Ann Schneider and Illinois Tollway Executive Director Kristi Lafleur, the top transportation executives for the State of Illinois, on the status of numerous State projects for the City of Rockford. Mayor Morrissey left the meeting encouraged by the progress and efforts on current and future projects.
“Governor Quinn, Secretary Schneider, and Executive Director Lafleur have supported numerous projects for the City of Rockford. They know that Rockford's effort to build and compete in a 21st century economy depends on outstanding transportation infrastructure,” stated Mayor Morrissey.

“Our citizens and businesses will all benefit from a record level of transportation investment in Rockford on both the state highway and tollway systems as well as new passenger rail service. Over the next three years, these investments will create hundreds of jobs as we modernize our central city state highway systems, restore passenger train service, and expand and rebuild our tollway connection to Chicago.”
The focus of the transportation strategy meeting was to share project status for major highway and bridge reconstruction efforts that are being funded and implemented by the State of Illinois and City of Rockford collaboratively, along with the Jane Addams Tollway (I-90) Rebuilding and Widening Project.

Projects that are currently underway and slated for 2013 and 2014 construction include:

  • Rebuilding South Main Street from the airport to downtown Rockford;
  • Rebuilding West State Street from Kilburn Avenue to Sunset Avenue;
  • Building the Main & Auburn Roundabout;
  • Completing the planning and engineering for the rebuilding of North Main Street from Auburn to Riverside;
  • Rebuilding the Morgan Street bridge;
  • Rebuilding and widening the Jane Addams Memorial Tollway (I-90) from Elgin to Rockford.

    Also discussed at length was the progress to restore Amtrak service from Chicago to Rockford and Dubuque, Iowa.

    “Governor Quinn and I are very excited about the upcoming state highway projects being built in the City of Rockford through the Illinois Jobs Now! capital program, and we share Mayor Morrissey’s vision of delivering projects that modernize the transportation system as well as catalyze neighborhood and economic development by delivering context sensitive design and complete street amenities such as landscaping, lighting, and pedestrian systems where none existed before,” stated Ann Schneider, State of Illinois Secretary of Transportation.

    IDOT Secretary Schneider gave Mayor Morrissey an overview of Illinois’ new long-range transportation plan, Transforming Transportation for Tomorrow. With a vision towards a sustainable, ecofriendly, and economically supportive multi-modal transportation network for Illinois, the Transforming Transportation for Tomorrow plan focuses on further developing a coordinated and integrated transportation system network including roadways, bicycle and pedestrian systems, freight rail, public transit, intercity passenger train service, aviation, and waterways and ports.

    “As we develop our Sustainability Plan for the Rockford Region, I was very pleased with IDOT’s long-range transportation vision and how it integrates so well with our regional long-range planning efforts,” stated Steve Ernst, Executive Director of the Rockford Metropolitan Agency for Planning.

    One of Mayor Morrissey's primary concerns prior to the meeting was the status on restoring Amtrak passenger rail service. While design for the new Amtrak train station on South Main Street will begin in approximately 30 days, rail line upgrades to the Canadian National railroad have been stalled. Secretary Schneider assured Mayor Morrissey that progress was being made and there was full support from the Governor and federal transportation officials.
    “The Governor and I are committed to re-establishing train service between Chicago and Rockford. It is one of our top transportation priorities,” stated Secretary Schneider. “We have procured new trains for the Rockford service, to be built locally in Rochelle by Nippon Sharyo, and we remain steadfast in our goal to restore train service to Rockford by the end of 2015,” added Schneider.

    Kristi Lafleur, Executive Director of the Tollway, also added that as part of the Jane Addams Memorial Tollway Rebuilding and Widening Project, roadway and shoulder
    lanes will be rebuilt and sized to accommodate transit service between Chicago and Rockford, allowing for increased transit opportunities and quicker commute times. Mayor Morrissey and Director Lafleur also committed to an ongoing planning dialogue and discussion regarding public transit expansion on the tollway and about the potential to get a train connection between Rockford and O’Hare airports.

    “Mayor Morrissey and the Illinois Tollway share the same goal of increasing collaboration and opening dialogue between transportation agencies and communities we serve to plan for a 21st century, state-of-the-art corridor linking Rockford to O’Hare Airport and Chicago,” stated Lafleur. Carl Towns, a Rockford resident and member of the Illinois Tollway Board of Directors, participated in the meeting and shared his support for the ongoing planning effort between the two agencies.

    “The Illinois Tollway’s model for success has been to work in collaboration with local governments and communities, so we appreciate Mayor Morrissey’s willingness to join with IDOT and the Tollway to improve the transportation network serving Northern Illinois,” stated Towns.

    “Our partnerships with IDOT and the Illinois Tollway are strong and growing,” stated Mayor Morrissey. “I am eager to get these important projects under construction, get people to work, and grow our local economy.”

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