Mayor Gaulrapp Loses to Former Mayor Gitz

FREEPORT (WIFR) -- Freeport will have a new mayor this spring. Former mayor Jim Gitz beat incumbent George Gaulrapp by less than 200 votes.

It’s a reverse of what happened in 2005 when Gaulrapp beat Gitz who had been Freeport’s mayor for two terms. Gaulrapp says during his eight years in office, he’s proud to have helped recruit more than a hundred small businesses town. Some criticized him for his two failed runs for Congress, however Gaulrapp says he has no regrets.

“I ran for Congress for one reason and that was for Freeport, Illinois. I love this community and I was born and raised here and I saw how we were lacking in responding to off-shoring and I thought here’s an opportunity to represent Freeport how it should be represented,” said Gaulrapp. “That’s the only reason I ran for congress both times.”

Gaulrapp says he’s not sure what’s next, but he hopes to have something lined up before his last day in office. Jim Gitz will face Jon Carlton Staben and Kathy Knodle in the April 9th General Election.

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