Marines T-Shirt Causes Dress Code Confusion

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GENOA (WIFR) -- A t-shirt that supports the U.S. Marines is being called into question Wednesday night after a local middle school student is told it's not allowed in class.

"I mean you can't just pull a gun off fabric and just start going around and shooting people," said Michael McIntyre.

Eighth grader Michael McIntyre was at school wearing one of his favorite t-shirts on Monday when a teacher told him it was against school policy.

"What's the problem with liking the Marines?" said McIntyre. "Even if it does have two guns on it. It's not like it's going to hurt anybody. No one was offended by it. No one said anything. I was like, I was really mad."

His dad Dan was mad too. Dan took to Facebook to let people know what happened to his son, saying Genoa Kingston Middle School is out of control.

"Clearly being called up in front of class, that's embarrassing," said Dan McIntyre. "And it was disheartening for him. Because he didn't understand exactly why she would want to have him cover that up."

McIntyre's Facebook post went viral and was shared on many conservative websites, including

The school has since released a statement saying, "Genoa-Kingston School District wishes to apologize to anyone offended, specifically anyone who has served or has family that has served in the armed forces ... The administration and the school handbook agree that this shirt is not a violation of the dress code."

Michael said he plans on wearing his favorite shirt to school Thursday, hopefully he said, without any trouble.

Michael's dad Dan said he plans to meet with the school to discuss making the dress code more specific so something like this doesn't happen again.

The t-shirt was made by local company Oscar Mike, which is owned by veterans and donates proceeds to disabled veterans. They heard about what happened, and said they plan to give Michael and Dan some free shirts.

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