"Marching On" to Remember Dr. King

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Quite a few younger Stateline students spent their day off, paying tribute to Martin Luther King Jr.

A group of kids used music to spread Dr. King's message of equality.

This is the seventh year the Young Eagles Success Club has hosted a Martin Luther King Jr. celebration. Students from kindergarten to high school took part in the songs and speeches. The event's theme was "Marching On" to stress the importance of continuing Dr. King’s work.

"Kids have to be taught, just like we were taught, they need to know, they need to be educated. they need to understand the importance of non-violence, of taking responsibility. They need to understand the importance of taking respect,” said Club Co-Founder Dianna Cole.

After the student performances, Rockford police Sergeant Carla Redd spoke to the kids about growing up in Rockford and working in law enforcement.

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