UPDATE: Todd Smith Back in Court

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- The Machesney Park man accused of brutally beating his wife to death and dumping her body in the river was back in court this morning.

Today a judge said Todd Smith could have his car keys back. When he was arrested, the keys to his jeep were taken from him. According to court documents, the Jeep is in a storage unit and needs to be removed. It's unclear whether the Jeep will be used in evidence.

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Todd Smith was back in court today. You may remember he's accused of killing his wife Katrina Smith and dumping her body in the Rock River. Today he told the court he wants some of his personal belongings back, specific things police confiscated during the investigation.

Court records indicate police found printed internet maps in his car and they also collected his i-pass records. Smith's defense attorney is asking the prosecutor to turn over a lot of evidence in the case, including receipts that were found in Katrina’s wallet and copies of the surveillance video taken from the Kohl's store the night of her disappearance. He's back in court January 22nd.

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