Manufacturing Company Adds Jobs

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BELOIT (WIFR) -- A Wisconsin manufacturing company plans to bring more jobs to the Beloit area. Universal Acoustic and Emission Technologies is expanding.

Robby Auston started working for Universal AET in Stoughton, Wisconsin 12 years ago. He moved to the Beloit facility when it opened in March. He is now the quality inspector, and looks forward to doing more for the community.

“Feels good that we're able to bring more jobs to the area for the guys. you know there's a lot of guys coming in here looking for work,” Auston said.

AET is one of three companies in the ironworks industrial park in Beloit. The global manufacturer makes noise reducers for diesel engines and custom products to control pollution. In just nine months. The company's Beloit facility grew from 4 employees to 15. Dick Strojinc is the senior vice president of global operations. He says they're adding jobs because of the greater need to help the environment.

“We're expecting to continue growth as long as energy and emissions controls are needed, we would see our business would continue to grow,” said Strojinc.

Strojinc says the Beloit location could hire at least 100 workers within the next years.

“It'll be a gradual increase over the year even into the year 2014 as we grow out a little with that operations,” Strojinc added.
Strojinc says they are also looking to bring in engineers and designers for an office area. He tells me the Beloit plant has already begun hiring new workers.

Universal AET is looking for welders and engineers. To learn how to apply, visit

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