Manufacturing Boom

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ROCHELLE (WIFR) -- The city of Rochelle is trying to sweeten the pot, to attract a certain manufacturer to town.

The name of this business is being kept under wraps, but with the right tax incentive, the company would bring almost 200 jobs to town.

Within the past couple of years, Peter Alfano’s Rochelle pizza place has been rolling in the dough.

“Our lunch traffic has quadrupled over what it used to be, over the years. So we've been extremely excited and hopeful," the restaurant owner said.

Alfano credits new manufacturers settling into town and Rochelle’s partnership with the city of Dixon.

Just recently, Dixon extended the Lee County enterprise zone which incentivizes companies to move to the area. They have their eye on another big company.

The project golden prairie project again, we've heard anywhere from 100 to 200 employees that will come into the area. And the benefit would be to those employees, to the businesses here in rochelle, both for shoppping and restaurants and things like that,” said Scott Rozanas, with Rochelle Manager Business Development.

The company doesn't want its name released. So, in the meantime, it's being called “Project Golden Prairie”. They'd be the fifth company included in the enterprise zone.

"Basically in my time being here, the town has been booming. There's been a lot of different businesses coming in and out, and it's just really exciting to see the job growth now in this area,” said Dean Prodzinski, a 13-year-resident of Rochelle.

If this company decides to move to Rochelle, we're told construction would start by the spring.

Other businesses included in the enterprise zone are Nippon Sharyo, Illinois River Energy, The Union Pacific Global Three Intermodal Terminal, and Coated Sand Solutions.

Because 75% of the workforce in that Rochelle Industrial Park in Ogle County is coming from neighboring communities like Lee County, it's beneficial not just to Rochelle, but surrounding communities as well.

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