Man Regains Feeling Through Use of Bionic Hand

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ROME, ITALY (AP)-- A Danish man says for the first time in nine years he is able to experience feeling in his left hand.

Dennis Sorenson lost his lower arm in a fireworks accident but regained his sense of touch, through a revolutionary prototype prosthetic.

Doctors at the Swiss Technological Institute implanted ultra-thin trans neural electrodes into nerves in Sorenson's arm. The electrodes in the prosthetic hand are tied in with Sorenson's nerves in his upper arm, forming an electrical connection between the prosthetic and his brain. The procedure took place last year in Rome, Italy.

Sorensen says the results are stunning. He is the first person to regain sensory feeling through the use of a false limb.

The team did removed the electrodes his hand, in order to work on miniaturizing and fine-tuning the sensory technology.

Dennis hopes to be first in line when a bionic arm eventually becomes available.

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