Man Arrested for "Testing" School Security

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- In the wake of the shooting, Police are taking local incidents very seriously. A man who police say tried to force his way into Converse Elementary School in Beloit on Tuesday is now in jail. He told police he was just trying to test school security, not hurt anyone.

The man was dressed in camouflage and school administrators say he tried to open a side door of the school, one that's closest to the school's kindergarten classes. But, he now says he was just testing them, and he even told one of the students through the door not to open it.

The school principal says students were never in any danger and nobody opened the door.

Very few students even saw the man. Dwight miller was arrested for disorderly conduct but was booked into jail because he was already on probation. He lives across the street from the school and his wife says they have a niece who attends the school.

"Effective way to test school security? Absolutely not. if someone wants to know they should telephone or stop into the office and ask directly. They can always call district offices about any of our buildings. Our buildings are extremely secure. Our buildings are always kept locked, said Stephanie Jacobs, the Converse Elementary Principal.

Converse already has a buzzer system and security cameras, so nobody can get into the building without permission. Parents who are picking up their kids even have to wait outside of the building.

The man’s wife said she had no idea what he was up to. Police say he hadn't been drinking and he doesn't have a history of mental illness, but he'll probably be in jail for at least the next week. He does have a lengthy criminal record.

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