Mailman Weathers the Cold

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When it gets this cold outside, most people want to stay indoors as much as possible. But for some, their jobs require them to brave the elements no matter what. One worker who says he's weathered much worse conditions than today.

On most days, mailman Daren Brown can be seen wearing shorts while making his deliveries. But today, Brown decided it might be best to try pants for a change.

"If it's a little warmer maybe if we're up to say twenty-five, thirty degrees, hopefully I'd be able to wear shorts," said Brown. "But on a day like today I just had to pack it in and put my pants on and act like a big boy."

Brown said though temperatures are dipping close to zero today, it could definitely be worse.

"Wet snow is pretty bad," he said. "I'd much rather have something like this than have wet snow and have it be twenty-five degrees. You know, that makes it a lot worse because your jacket gets all wet and you get all soggy and then you get real cold."

His secret, he said, is dressing for the weather. Today he's bundled in gloves, a neck warmer, and extra warm boots.

Brown said nice customers like Cheryl Sowl help take his mind off the frigid conditions.

"I don't see how he does it," said Sowl. "I really don't. It's just too cold for anybody to be out here."

After delivering on this route for more than eight years, people around the city know Daren Brown by name, and many don't think twice about giving him a cup of coffee to help him keep warm.

Daren Brown said so far the winter hasn't been too bad. It's this past summer that was rough. He said there's nothing like walking around for hours in high humidity.

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