Magic Waters Attractions Open Saturday After Repairs

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UPDATE: CHERRY VALLEY (WIFR) -- The Stateline water park has been without two of its 10 attractions for the last week and now we know when they will open back up.

When the park opens up Saturday at 10 a.m., Tsunami Bay and Paradise Pipelines will be back open to the public.

The two rides closed after the liner in the wave pool ripped, which was apparently caused by the harsh winter.

After repainting, filling the water back up, and balancing the chemicals, the park's staff spent today making final preparations and cleaning the wave pool.

But they are letting mother nature take care of the rest before everyone can hop back into the water.

"We got the chemicals balanced and right now, we're just waiting for the water to warm up a little bit," said Director Zack McIntyre. "So far today, it's risen in temperature almost 10 degrees so by the time we open tomorrow, it'll be at a safe temperature and everyone will be able to enjoy it."

Park staff says that they haven't really seen a drop in attendance since repairs began.

On Tuesday, Magic Waters saw the second highest number of the summer when over 2,100 visitors walked through the gates and at this point, they are about 900 behind last year's numbers.

Admission to the park has been cut in half since the repairs began down to 12 dollars, but they will return to the original 24 dollar price starting Saturday.

CHERRY VALLEY (WIFR) – After suffering equipment malfunctions Friday morning, two of Magic Waters’ attractions have been closed.

Both Tsunami Bay and Paradise Pipeline sit empty after the wave pool’s liner ripped at the end of last week, but they could be back up and running by the end of this week.

The Park District has its sights set on reopening both attractions sometime during this weekend, but it all depends on the weather. Painting on the wave pool finished earlier today but before the two attractions can allow people back in, Tsunami Bay needs to be filled back up with water and chemicals need to be added. The wave pool’s liner, which was scheduled to be replaced after the 2014 season unexpectedly tore due to effects of the harsh winter.

"We think that due to the extreme winter and the stretching of the liner after it was filled up, it unexpectedly gave out in several places causing the rips. If we were to replace the liner right now, we would be down three to four weeks so we came up with a solution to get the wave pool back up and running as soon as we could,” said Zack McIntyre, Director at Magic Waters.

The Park District hopes to get some help from Cherry Valley Fire and get the process moving along by getting permission to use some of its hydrants to fill the pool up faster.

While two out of Magic Waters’ ten parts are closed, the Park District is cutting admission in half, down to $12.
Even without the pool and slides, attendance on Tuesday was the second highest of the summer and the total for this year is behind last year by 900 visitors.

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