Machesney Park Chicken Ordinance Goes to Full Board

A controversial proposed ordinance in Machesney Park passes through a committee and makes its way to the village board. The chicken ordinance has now moved onto the full board, but it wasn't an easy road getting there. It narrowly passed through committee by a three to two vote.

The ordinance would allow people in Machesney Park to own two hens per 8,000 square foot lot. People on larger pieces of land could have more, but the village would cap the number at six hens. The ordinance also says there will be no more than 10 coups throughout the village.

It was a resident who came up with the idea of allowing hens in the village, but one trustee says not many others support it.

"I have found that you have about 10 percent of the residents that would be 100 percent for the chickens, then you have 20 percent that don't care either way, then 70 percent of the people are totally against it," District 3 Trustee James Kidd, said.

Kidd says many who are against it are worried about cleanliness. Supporters say the measure promotes sustainability.

The board votes on the chicken ordinance on May 20.

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