Lydia Academy Alum Receives NIU Scholarship

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Brittany Marshall, a former graduate of LYDIA Urban Academy, was named Huskie Legacy from Northern Illinois University (NIU) for her outstanding academic achievement. In honor of this award, Brittany received a certificate and a scholarship for $1,000.

“I am incredibly honored to be accepted into NIU and be named a Huskie Legacy,” says Marshall. “I am very proud of myself.” As an English major with a minor in history, Marshall pinpointed the university as her school of choice because she knew that they would be able to challenge her both personally and academically.

Marshall attributes part of her success to the non-traditional education she received at LYDIA Urban Academy. “I am very thankful for LYDIA” says Marshall. “They were willing to take the time and work one on one with me.” Brittany had recognized early on that in order to be successful, she needed smaller classroom sizes to keep her accountable and to allow for the teachers to identify areas where she needed help. She graduated from LYDIA in 2010 by the age of sixteen.

The staff and teachers at LYDIA are all very proud of Brittany for her successes. One teacher remarked, “Brittany has always been determined. She keeps moving forward no matter what.”

In addition to being a Huskie Legacy recipient, Brittany has also received a combination of three other grants and scholarships and her plan is to earn more in the upcoming months.

LYDIA Urban Academy is a NCA accredited, non-traditional, Christian high school whose purpose is to serve students who are not succeeding in a traditional school system. LYDIA is a high school diploma program with a unique focus on character education, work readiness, life skills training, and mentoring.

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