UPDATE: Loves Park Videogaming License Cap Approved

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LOVES PARK (WIFR) -- Loves Park alderman vote to only allow a maximum of 20 video gaming parlors in their city.

Right now there are 16 parlors operating in Loves Park. There are 36 liquor licenses issued in the city overall that allow video gaming. Alderman did write into the new law that one person is only allowed to get up to two parlor licenses that way more people can get a fair shot at getting a parlor license.

LOVES PARK (WIFR) -- Some leaders in Loves Park are concerned the city may have too many gaming parlors in the near future. It's a decision that could change the way some owners do business.

Of the 95 businesses in Loves Park that have a liquor license, 16 have class F licenses. Vince's Slots II on Alpine is one of those.

But Loves Park leaders are considering putting a cap on number of class F licenses to 20 overall. Some aldermen and the mayor says they're looking at a license limit because they don't want a video gaming parlor on every block. Vince Chiaramonte is the owner of a stand alone video slot business. He says he's glad he's already got his license and thinks the cap will help maintain the integrity of the community.

"You know if somebody wanted to come in next door that would put three within a hundred feet of each other," says Chiaramonte. "I think that should be thought about. I have never had one compaint."

We spoke to one alderman who is against the cap and says it hurts business growth. But as we understand it, there are already enough votes to pass this ordinance through at tonight's meeting.

And right now there are two applications pending. If the cap is voted on, that means there will only be four more class F licenses to be had.

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