Loves Park: Two Car Crash Kills 1

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UPDATE: LOVES PARK (WIFR) -- 25-year-old Pedro Figueroa Ramos has been charged with a DUI involving death after last night's fatal car accident that killed 73-year-old William Neal. Loves Park Police say the crash happened at Forest Hills and River Lane.

The Loves Park Police have arrested Ramos on the following charges:

Aggravated DUI alcohol involving death
Aggravated DUI involving death with a BAC of .08 or more
Aggravated DUI involving great bodily harm
Aggravated DUI involving great bodily harm with a BAC of .08 or more
Leaving the scene of a personal injury accident (2 counts)

Ramos was also issued citations for:

Driving under the influence
Driving under the influence with an alcohol concentration of .08 or more
Operation of an uninsured motor vehicle
Disobeying a traffic control device

LOVES PARK (WIFR) – Loves Park Police are continuing to investigate a two car crash that killed a Rockford man.

The two cars crashed at the intersection of River Lane and Forest Hills Road around 7:30 p.m. Sunday night. The crash resulted in the death of 73 year old William Neal, of Rockford. Neal died from his injuries at Swedish American Hospital just an hour later.

Neal was the driver of one of the cars involved and his wife was a passenger. There are reports of several more injuries.

More information will be released later Monday morning.

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