Logan Bell's Family Speaks Out

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- The family of an 18-year-old Rockford man who was fatally shot by three Rockford police officers last week, is speaking out for the first time about the loss of their loved one.

"Logan, like many other young men and women across this country, had a social disorder. He had a bipolar disorder," said Bell’s father. It was the only question he could answer today.
Logan’s father says talking about his son who was shot and killed by Rockford police is too painful.

"I really don't think I can answer any questions right now," said Mr. Bell.

Bell's Pastor read a statement on behalf of the family, who showed up to support each other. Member of the family included Logan's uncle, aunt, grandfather and grandmother, the woman who called police last Thursday saying Logan had a gun and might hurt himself.

"The grandmother, Mrs. Bell, called for help. She didn't call for her grandson to be cut down, she was screaming out don't kill him, don't kill him,” said Dr. Kenneth Board, Logan Bell’s pastor.

But police shot and killed Logan near Central and Michigan after they say he refused to put down his gun and pointed it toward officers. That weapon turned out to be a pellet gun. Now family members want answers.

"We're asking that truth and justice prevail quickly not months in the future but in days,” said the Pastor.

Logan's family is calling the officers' use of force unnecessary. They say they should've waited for a negotiator since Logan had a mental disorder. However, Rockford Police are trained to shoot if a gun is pointed at them. Also, a rally in honor of Bell is scheduled for noon tomorrow, in front of the Winnebago County Courthouse.

Logan's mother also sent us a statement today. She says she and Logan’s brothers and sisters are "shocked and horrified at the senseless loss" of his life.

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