Lockheed Martin Meets with Companies

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – Another Aerospace giant is visiting the Stateline and talking new partnerships. It’s the second time a big corporation has come to Rockford this year.

Lockheed Martin visited with representatives from dozens of Rockford area manufacturers who are looking to become suppliers for the company. Boeing visited Rockford earlier this year for the same reason. Both major companies say they’re impressed with the Stateline’s strong aerospace community. Local companies say it’s extremely difficult to establish a relationship with larger companies like Lockheed Martin and they’re glad to network with them here in Rockford.

“It’s very hard for companies to get into these large companies and meet the right people. Now we have some people that we can contact,” said Steve Helfer with Clickenbeard.

“Rockford has great business. The ones that I’ve met here today and talked with have just been outstanding. They’ve had great experience in similar industries and look like good candidates for working with Lockheed Martin Corporation,” said Emily Mann with Lockheed Martin Corp.

Lockheed Martin says companies that want to become suppliers need to think long term as partnerships won’t be made for a few years.

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