Locals Protest Presidential Candidates

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With 38 days until the election, two stateline groups are protesting the presidential candidates 60 miles apart.

"We can no longer afford his type of governing," said Beloit resident Cal Waldhart about President Obama.

More than a dozen people are taking part in the "Campaign to Defeat Barrack Obama Bus Tour." Protesters made a stop in Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan's hometown of Janesville to rally against the president.

"The job situation, we got 23 million of Americans out of jobs," said rally attendee Waldhart. "We got 47 million, or something like that, on welfare."

The bus is making 72 stops across the country, with more people joining along the way.

"I don't agree with Obamacare," said Luanna Francis, who joined the bus in Utah. "I have seen how it has affected my family already. And I'm just not happy with how it was pushed through, and how it ended up."

Nearly 60 miles away in Freeport, a protest against Governor Mitt Romney is now in it's 18th day. Dozens of Sensata workers whose jobs are being outsourced by Bain Capital have been staying in a field across the street from the factory. They say they won't move until Romney, who's the former Bain Capital CEO, comes to speak to them.

"We are not saying vote for President Obama," said 'Bainport' resident Tom Gaulrapp. "We are not saying that. What we're saying is that the problem is with what Mitt Romney wants to do with the economy of the United States."

Some at "Bainport" say they just don't trust Mitt Romney.

"Because I feel we know what we have with Obama. With Romney, he changes so much, we don't know what we're going to get," said Romney protester Dot Turner.

Rally goers from both events say they're confident their candidate will win in November.

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