Locals Hold Candlelight Vigil Honoring Shooting Victims

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- A last minute vigil was announced to honor those who lost their lives in Connecticut Friday morning and more than fifty came out bearing candles to show their support.

Mira Pena came out to the Sinnissippi Park to stand in solidarity with dozens of other local residents for those that lost their lives in Friday's massacre.

"I was like, yes those are kids running. And she was like 'why are they running? what's wrong? are they practicing?' And I was like no, there was something really horrible that happened.' And I had to explain to my 6 year old daughter that some kids had died," Pena said.

Everyone at the vigil says this is the least they can do to show their support for families that are probably going through the worst time in their life.

Anthony Duran says "It's hard for me to even watch the news anymore, and you know, hear people and see them screaming and crying over their children. I've been there and done that. And I kind of just want to be here for the vigil and remember them."

Kevin Thompson says,"We were talking about a class room of kindergartners... As a teacher I'm sitting in my class room as I'm hear this news and i just can help to look at the students that I'm teaching this could happen here and this ins unbelievable."

Though this tragic event happened more than 900 miles away from the Stateline, countless people on our Facebook page have voiced their grief and sympathy for the victims.

A former Rockford woman, Sarah Skoglund-Rosecrans, who move to Connecticut has a son who goes to the elementary school where Friday's shooting happened. Fortunately, her son Elliot is okay. She wrote about the incident on her Facebook page calling her son's teacher a hero.

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