Locals Helping Keep People Out of Jail

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Rockford Urban Ministries held a workshop about how locals can help people coming out of prison make a better transition into the real world.

Keynote speaker Paul Logli talked to a group of locals at the Christ United Methodist Church in Rockford on how they can help people who recently got out of jail, stay out.

They say helping people find work so they can support themselves is a priority.

They also say finding them a place to live in a good enviornment will help them stay out of trouble.

Lastly they stresss community support in helping them make positive changes.

"Employers or landlords might look at somebodys record and say I don't want that person around. On the other hand if the community comes forward with that person and say look we've gotten to know that person he's supporting the family or she's being a mother, and they're worth the risk, that makes a difference."

Log onto RockfordUrbanMin.org to find out ways to help.

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