Locals Help with Hurricane Damage

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STATELINE WIFR) -- 60 million people are bracing for what could be a catastrophic storm.

Hurricane Sandy has already shut down cities all along the east coast. Even wall street was closed today and will be once again tomorrow.

Hurricane force winds are blowing 175 miles from the center and it gets even worse as Sandy is combining with two other weather systems to create what's being called a Superstorm.

Flooding has already started in New Jersey and New York. Almost a million people have already lost power, just a fraction of what's expected. Dozens of local volunteers are already in place along the east coast preparing for the worst.

Lori Braun is glued to the TV, with remote in hand and cell phone nearby, anxiously watching the weather channel.

"I'm pretty much on edge," she said.

Her husband, Zach, a journeyman lineman with Intren was sent to Long Island over the weekend. He's bracing for Hurricane Sandy and preparing to help in the aftermath of destruction and downed power lines.

"It's very uneasy, there's a method to their madness that way they are actually down there so when the storm does hit they can get out and start working right away," said Braun.

The Red Cross is also waiting to help. The Rock River Chapter sent a volunteer to Maryland on Saturday and it's waiting to send another. Andy Thompson was supposed to fly out of O’Hare yesterday, but her flight was canceled. She'll now wait until the storm makes landfall.

"You prepare for the work part of it you know what you have to do but the emotional part, you don't prepare for it, it just breaks your heart to see the devastation that storms can cause," said Thompson.

The anticipated damage that could keep workers tied up for weeks.

RFD was not affected. ComEd is also helping out with the storm. The electric company sent 40 people from the Rockford area to the east coast and the Freeport Red Cross is on standby. It anticipates sending volunteers as well.

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